Thursday, September 15, 2011

rosh hashanah

The forward has recently published an article about bird-shaped challah called faigele, which is Yiddish for "little bird". Decorated with spray of seeds and berries for the eyes, and the lists of small bread is of particular importance during the High Holidays and New Year's Day of Atonement, when they are tied to our hopes of salvation.

Roche on New Year's faigele The protection of God to Jerusalem, as mentioned in Isaiah 31:5, which states: "As the hovering birds, so will the LORD of hosts Shield of Jerusalem" when eaten during the meal before Yom Kippur, can not faigele also symbolizes hope that the prayers of for forgiveness is expected to rise into the sky.

Challah is a Jewish egg bread that is usually woven in braids at any place using 2-6 strands of dough. Usually eaten on the Sabbath, but it also plays an important role in holiday meals and festivities, and when the form is often a thing of the spirals and the keys of the books and birds. You can learn more about the shapes in the challah: What is Challah?

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