Friday, September 23, 2011

funny women soccer pictures

funny women soccer pictures,,,,,,,,,,,funny women soccer pictures

 Women soccer much more aggressive [Photo]

women's soccer team is announced before home games, her song of choice echoes throughout the stadium. Songs include the latest hip hop, the Harry Potter movies' theme music and R. Kelly's "The World's Greatest."

Funny Soccer

When purchasing soccer uniforms for your team, don’t be afraid to be creative. Kids love bright colors. It is also best if they have a color that isn’t the same as all the other teams. If you go with a brighter color, there is a chance you will be the only one with that color. For younger kids, it is best to put their name on the back of their jersey. First names work great when they are little. This also helps the other parents to cheer them on because they learn the kid’s name this way. Let them pick out their own number for their uniform. They can pick their birthday or their favorite number. This works great and the kids like it too.

If you want to go all out, long socks that match the uniforms ar a great investment. You can pick out striped socks or plain colored socks. They ar tall, usually up to the knee, and cover their shin guards. These help the kids out too. Another thing is to get nice matching shorts for all the kids to wear.

Matching soccer uniforms make your team look better overall. The kids will love that they all match each other exactly. If you keep the same kids together, you can use these things in the future again. Next year they can get new uniforms, but wear the socks again if they want to recycle them. This can save a lot of money on future uniforms by reusing items every year. The parents will thank you.

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