Thursday, September 15, 2011

anderson cooper

Jersey Shore took Snooki star Anderson Cooper to Beach Bum Tanning in Tuesday's edition of Anderson, broadcaster stripped underwear for men, down to the country. "Were not I have an idea that Mr. Anderstand (sic) had muscle," noted Snooki doubt ", so that when he took off his shirt, and he was like peanut huge muscles! Cool."

Earlier this year, Cooper was given the book to read Snooki dramatic and congratulated her for the signing of the second book. Snooki was grateful for the publicity, tweeting "Thank you for reading the New York Times best-selling Mista Anderstand Cooper. I would love to help you get the book 2. Let's go tanning and talk about it."

Cooper took guidette pint-sized her up on the show. After waiting 20 minutes for Snooki for whitening teeth in her mouth, it was his moment to shine - literally. Cooper was nervous, but ready and went bravely through the airbrushing on the process of spraying, and all. "Wow, I've never had a tan line like this," he exclaimed.

After this ordeal, Cooper graciously thanked Snooki for delivery to the tanning salon. "You like my companion and my friend now." Snooki said, "You're my buddy tanning now." Cooper made a name for himself with the best car in its class reports from conflict zones, while revealing his six pack abs is impressive to some extent, one wonders about the lasting impact of this kind of soft, obsessed with celebrities - yes, entertainment - press coverage Cooper earned the brand well.

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