Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amanda Knox

The court heard at the court hearing the Italian Amanda Knox to kill the day's closing argument from the credibility of the Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, one of the many prosecutors are expected to address the court. Mignini convicted of misconduct by prosecutors in the case of non-relevant. The court imposed a 16-month prison sentence suspended.

Mignini has proven an embarrassment to the Italian legal system with a play for him, the accusations of ritual satanic sex relentless pursuit of the claims of defamation against those who criticize him prosecutions and investigations behind them. The journalists protested the tactics of the Italian President, noting that Mignini feet or threatened criminal defamation lawsuits against journalists who criticize his record. Mignini denies initiating defamation cases even though they appear to be linked closely with his office.

Knox itself is the subject of a libel suit because he told the police abused her during her interrogation. He accused her parents of their daughter, repeating what he told a British newspaper. Scheduled trial Amanda Knox and ejaculation in the Nov. 15 trial and her parents for January 24, 2012. Some reports say Knox, and is also the other defendants' lawyers Rafaelle Sollecito is being investigated on charges of defamation.

With DNA evidence, convicted of killing Knox her roommate Meredith Kercher no value is likely to prosecution as a result rejected by the court to appoint independent experts, and continued Mignini pimping his emotional, crying and ejaculation by the plot, and experts from the defense lawyers and journalists. Hysteria in his style, which stimulates the brands, said that compared with the Knox lawyer Nazi propaganda. Try to reach the feeling pitted against Knox and Sollecito to refer to them as "children of rich families," which prevent the family from marriage Kercher living. In essence, Mignini Knox wants to serve 26 years in prison and not because of anything I've done but because of who he believes them to be, a rich girl.

It's appalling that the Court gives the freedom to make these Mignini criminal defamation against any defendant without any evidence whatsoever to support it. Could (and should) focus instead on the facts supporting the grounds of guilt Amanda Knox .... If there is any, that is.

It is expected to continue closing arguments for another day, followed by a statement on behalf of the family of murder victim in the Meredith Kercher. The defense will then make the final special, followed by Knox, personal appeal to the court to overturn her sentence. It is expected that the Court makes a decision on the resumption of Knox in early October. If justice prevails, and it will be released from prison in Mignini.

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