Saturday, September 24, 2011

Actress reveals she had breast cancer

Wanda Sykes is usually full of laughter. But on the Ellen DeGeneres Show (airing Monday), the 47-year-stunning announcement: "I had breast cancer, yes, I know it is scary."

Comedy gold in breast reduction in February when I first got the news. "I had real big tits and I just got more tired of knocking things every time you eat - Lord," she said. "I was carrying a stick tides everywhere I go. My back and throat, so she had time to be reduced."
It was not until after the reduction of work in the laboratory, and pathology, and they found that I had DCIS [ductal carcinoma in situ] in my chest left, "he continued it would" be very, very lucky, because DCIS is essentially a stage zero cancer. So I was very lucky. "

Although she was scared, he realized that Sykes "Cancer is cancer."
I had a choice, you can return once every three months and get it checked. The mammogram, an MRI every three months just to see what you do, "and explained that it" But, I'm not good to keep on top of things. I'm sure I'm late to change the oil and clean the teeth already. "

Because it has a long history of cancer on her mother's side of the family, chose to be Sykes bilateral mastectomy.

"I had to remove both breasts, because I now have an opportunity to zero after breast cancer."

Sykes admitted that they were not sure if it should be open about her experience. "It was like, I do not know, should I talk about it or what? How many things can I have? I'm black, lesbian and then, and I can not have a title for everything."
At least with gay issues get on the show, and we got on the float, it's the party, "said the mother of 2-year-old twins with wife Alex" I was real hesitant to do so, because I hate walking. Got a lot of cancers] walks to come. "

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