Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Dancing. Yes, in fact every person can enjoy a dance like ballet, salsa, bellydance, hiphop, and others. These include various dances are held every nation as a cultural heritage. You certainly can not only be involved as a spectator, but you can be actively involved in doing the dance according to your tastes. Many people said that the dance can only be done well if done since childhood. Don’t be mistake, that message is intended only for those who are going to make a dance as a profession. Therefore, you don’t need to feel too late to learn a dance, because dancing can be done by anyone, do not view sex, age, experienced or not, and shape of body size.

As one though physical activity, you can dance as individuals, for example, while listening to music or mimic the dance movements in a TV or video. Or you can join a particular group dance lessons, group dance at the gym, or join a community arts and health.

Anything as simple dance moves that you do, automatically dance will make your body move to the rhythm of the song, and everyone can feel the health benefits.

An expert said that dancing is the fastest growing art activity than any other art form. And for those who engage in this activity, they will got some benefit both from the physical health aspect, mental, social, and education.

For physically and mentally, dancing can make the heart and lungs getting healthier, stronger bones, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve coordination and flexibility of body organs, and increasing the body’s equilibrium. Also, mental function can work well, improving energy expenditure, and help neutralize unwanted weight.

Mission Statement

The IU Contemporary Dance Program offers a collection of dance experiences that are accessible to students who seek serious study in the art of dance. The program's core offerings consist of curricula which, through the highest quality of training and instruction, strengthen and refine contemporary dance technique as well as provide scholarly inquiry into the history, science and aesthetics of dance. The faculty of the IU Contemporary Dance Program strives to not only teach, but mentor, and provide a strong theoretical base from which each dancer can grow and work as an individual artist. Students are encouraged to seek their own venue for expression, such as performance, choreography, teaching, production or scholarship, and prepare for a successful career in the professional and academic field of dance.

How you can Salsa Dance – Getting the most from Your Beginner Salsa Classes

Finding out how to salsa dance is simple, even when you think about yourself as getting two left ft. All that you should have is really a can perform attitude, just a little persistence and a while to rehearse. Mixing these characteristics with good salsa dance instruction you’ll have a recipe for salsa dancing understand how. In the following paragraphs I’ll guide you through a few of the items to search for when choosing a dance school to understand to salsa dance as well as ways to get the most from your salsa classes.

The Dance Takeover

Rollings Stones Magazine recently published an extensive article on something very close to my heart. They dubbed it, “The Dance Takeover”. RSM chose David Guetta as their feature artist, and included a short interview with the French-house legend. He explained that he’s been celebritized in Europe for almost 20 years now, but in America, he’s the hottest thing off the press. I feel like I live in a communist country we are so behind on our house music literacy. Rolling Stones also included pages and pages on upcoming artists in dubstep and underground electronic scenes alike. It’s an incredibly interesting read and definitely flickers a couple of light bulbs for me.

With all these new artists infiltrating and inundating the electronic music industry, the standard has risen. More artists means more competition, more music, and a smaller market share per artist. So what does this mean for us and house?

Commercialism. Expect major record labels to jump on the bandwagon and strangle the industry from the top down (e.g., David Guetta). Radio stations need to cater to not only the fans who will be demanding more beat-happy music, but also the labels that have monetary interests. This will result in a commercialization of something that people view as somewhat counter-culture. It will be interesting to see how DJs will adapt, and if they will go for the money or go for the show. But it also means that people will have a greater respect for the music, not just stereotyping all electronic music as techno, but developing a discerning ear. Even those with the faintest of hearts will find a place for themselves among the fist-pumping, light-loving, discoheads.

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