Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chelsea Clinton

Close family reunion of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City on Thursday, and former President Bill Clinton during the transition to his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for her thoughts on a range of global issues. Corresponding? Their daughter, Chelsea Clinton.
Her mother asked the younger Clinton on issues ranging from technology to meet the food needs in the world. Along the way, they allow the public to know she helped her mother sent the first text message, and it is still her father and pointed to the Internet and World Wide Web.

He said Hillary Clinton's attendance of world leaders, celebrities and businessmen, philanthropists and non-governmental organizations, "We are really in a new era, and we are in the era of participation."
She said the challenge is for governments and other organizations to learn how to be responsive to the people as they make their voices heard, and "how to help catalyze and release the channel and this kind of keen to participate there."

"I want to see us move towards a world where we are doing in an attempt to maximize the God-given potential of every person," said Hillary Clinton.

This initiative, in its seventh year, brings together the government and the private sector to find ways to address pressing issues in the world. It was in at the same time for the United Nations General Assembly meetings on the ministerial side of Manhattan.

Attendees pledge to take action on the conference topics, which included climate change, poverty and women's issues. Among the speakers at the event this year was the secretary of the Head of State, President Barack Obama.

He concluded the former president of the session, saying that the modern human world to learn a different way of being, to move away from the current power struggles involving the attempt to gain control over other people's lives and resources.

"If we have also succeeded in the struggle for wealth and power, and we will not be very successful in robbing people of their dignity, and we will pay a heavy price," he said.

Clinton said he was optimistic, though, after listening to everyone during the conference, urged people not to be pessimistic.

He pointed out that the surveys that are discouraging young people about the state of the world, and said it was important to understand that the options in the current form what the world will look like.

"We should be grateful that you are living at the time you've been given an opportunity to build a new world," he said. "The uncertainty at the moment do not have for 10 years from now."

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