Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Welcome to the Raider Nation 1-0. We were not able to say that since 2002. This game is not beautiful, and deserved to make Raiders of the season from the mistakes of stupid, but won. And won on the road against division opponent. This is a good thing, no matter how ugly.

Check the 1.2 updates and quarter 3 by clicking on the links.

Considered in this update quarter 4. We will have a more comprehensive look at later. Quarter 4 started off grim. The Broncos lead and seemed on the verge of a tie, at least in this match. He then went on Kyle Orton to throw a pass and forgot to take with him the ball. Houston Lamar regained the ball and took the momentum back by the invaders.

Invaders took the game on the ground from there. Darren McFadden seized off the apron 47 and the processed one. Jason Campbell's house stacked to sneak on the next play.

This gave the Raiders ahead 23-13. Raiders defensive line has something on the next possession and forced the punt by Denver and chanted loudly Bronco fans Orton.

After three and by the invaders, Orton fans shut up. Broncos O - the finish line gave Orton time and he had walked on the Broncos TD scoring drive with just under 3:30 left on the clock. Things were getting a little tight. Three others appeared and abroad, and about to steal the Broncos to victory.

The Raiders offensive line does not exist. Significant gaps opened up for Bush, Michael, and Jason Campbell struck again for a nice pass down to throw the DHB receptor for the first time down. This game ended in a victory invaders.

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