Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Dirty. Are there any other word to use to describe this game soccer penalty-riddled? Oh, I am one, and painful. Broncos did not lose 59-14, but this one hurt more, at least for me. The Broncos had every opportunity to win the game, but fumbled, held, dropped away. Kyle Orton was not good, but not the line of crime.

Stars gap

The defense played better, but when he had to have it - with the Broncos down 23-23 with 3:43 to go - could not get out of the field. If there are games that a team - win, this was a team loss. For the Broncos, in many ways, and this means more of the same thing that the fans have seen over the post 2.3, 4, 5 years.

Gave the Broncos turned football more than 3 times, up nearly 200 rushing yards. It is played with this position, however, something we were looking for, but lead to the imposition of sanctions on 1091 yards. Made, who were punished 15 times for 131 yards on the night Broncos look better than it was in fact - but the invaders.

One play, however, one play is the difference. Touch by Orton Kyle to play fake to work, and the Orton play that simply drop the ball offender, which is likely a 14-point shootout, which saw all the momentum that had built the Broncos to climb again from the end of the first half 16-3 deficit disappear in an instant. Scored a touchdown on the drive, and take advantage of every miscue Broncos.

There was a missed field goal of 56 yards by Matt Prater, which has given good field position invaders, good enough to kick a FG of their own. The Raiders punt ban short field to score the first touchdown. Sebastian Janikowski tied Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam by hitting 63 goals yard field at the end of the first half, and 3 points, which ended up being the difference.

Broncos did not finish, but with Eric Decker on a scoring punt return 90 yards. The Broncos of life, and was the driving force, before the operation. Orton will be the scapegoat - and, as quarterback he should be. Personally, I could care less if a change Broncos quarterback - 10 penalties, only 38 rushing yards, and injuries are not known for Elvis Dumervil, Bailey, the hero, Knowshon Moreno and Brandon Lloyd each hold more importance. Will the fans for their opinions, of course, and it is likely to be listening Broncos front office - if not now, as soon after that.

Perhaps that will be the spark Broncos need. The only time - and John Fox - can tell us, if and when, and we might see Tim Tebow or Brady Quinn. Performance such as this night, however, by the quarterback - and team - are not acceptable, however, fans smell blood.

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