Wednesday, September 14, 2011

michelle williams

Of natural beauty, and roles of Michelle Williams, the most famous, it seems, was to a large extent requires some sort of major transformation. "Brokeback Mountain" to be a kind of look, rustic western, while "the pieces in Mick" I did it too, with the ruggedness of the 19th century utilitarian added to the challenge for the designer wardrobe. It's now filming "Nahal: The Great and powerful," playing at the good witch Glinda magic, fairy dust and wings certainly prominent. Even in the last year, "Blue Valentine", and pronounced weight gain and depression visage to join them on a paper invitation.

Oscar nominations for her all the praise, despite the fact that none of these roles can be quite equal to her last shift; comes at the end of the month, and Michelle Williams to be Marilyn Monroe.

Actress (31 years) takes quite a famous star in the upcoming film, "My Week with Marilyn," playing the rebellious American experience in the story of the disastrous 1957 film "The Prince and the showgirl" with Sir Laurence Olivier. By agreeing to pick up in Monroe and her face was more stylized Williams, guarded and joyous, the collective responsibility to become an actress in the late, physically and emotionally.

The intensive course the incident, says Vogue, and consists of multi-media experience of books, films and music.

"I go to bed every night with a stack of books next to me," says the magazine in its latest cover story. "I fall asleep for her films, and it was like when I was a kid and you put a book under your pillow and you're hoping to get it through osmosis."

Learn the role, particularly those accurate one, is the most important aspect for the performance of the actress, but as a picture of Marilyn Monroe, many linked to the year also appears to have internal self. Was the star in a bygone era of more bodies, which celebrated women in a more natural way, which requires Williams to add petite and weight to create those famous curves. As the magazine says, the weight of gold on her face, instead, and so while they learn to walk Monroe, and she had to board the same hips to get the body.

Still, Williams saw a modest and usually some shift in their appearance and strength in this role.

"But I do not remember a single moment is every occasion as Marilyn and walking from the dressing room on my exercise of my soundstage volatility," Williams tells the magazine. "There were three or four men gathered around the truck, and I remember they see watching me come and the feeling that they were watching me go - for the first time you caught a glimpse of some idea of ​​the pleasure that I can take this kind of attention; not having fun, but I am pleased and I thought, Oh, and perhaps felt that when Marilyn walked on the beach "

The film will make its world debut at the New York Film Festival. Drama has a new relationship, "Take This Waltz," For the first time in Toronto over the weekend, although they were not in attendance.

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