Thursday, September 15, 2011

michaele salahi

Earlier in the day, Tareq Salahi said he believed the world that his ex-wife and party crasher "housewives of the capital Madrid," Michaele Salahi Star ", may have been kidnapped or abducted."

Michaele, for its part, urged law enforcement officials in the state of Virginia, and assured them she was fine, and dealing with "family issues".

Well, now there's a big twist.

Far from being "kidnapped" or "abducted" Michaele Salahi seems that her husband left in the dust.

It appeared in Memphis with Sean Neil, the lead guitarist for the trip, to confirm his delegate cop gossip.

And the party crasher and Sean is more than just friends.

In the book, "Cirque du Slahi" of Diane Dimond, I noticed that in the past Michaele she and Sean had been "intimate" and "emotional."

I'm not sure how relieved Tariq is with the news that his wife is safe and sound ... In the arms of another man.

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