Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fall fashion week 2011

fall fashion week 2011  fall fashion week 2011  fall fashion week 2011

hot young Asian wunderkind. Wu actually gets better with every collection, combining sharp masculine tailoring with feminine dresses that aren’t prissy or femmy. These are clothes for grown ups. Michelle Obama will want a lot of these looks, you can bet on that. The color palette was heavy on the black and white, black and white with gray, then shots of blood red, olive green, deep rich purple, and he did a fabulous use of white. The white was for jackets, mostly tuxedo short jackets, that looked stunning over shirt-blouses with black pants. His pants were cut soft but close – he’s the first designer to make pants really look appealing in a long time. His use of colorful was subtle and masterful, his tailoring is perfection, and this collection of blouses, skirts, jackets long dresses and pants is pretty close to perfect.

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