Friday, September 9, 2011

body paint on women

body paint on women

 Body Painting
Soccer body painting and body paint soccer girls. With the liberalization of thought and wider acceptance of public expression of cultural freedom, especially regarding nudity, in the 1960s, body painting is an art form has seen resurgence in the West. However, there is still debate about whether the body painting is really an art form? although practitioners and followers have no doubt about it. This is quite clearly not only the proliferation of salons and artists body painting, body painting festitival often held on a regular basis in the state of the United States as well as in European countries.

For many years, tattoo and piercing have become two popular ways of body painting. Although many people like these, they really do hurt, so we moldiness be totally ready to do this. Now, there is a new democratic way of body painting. It is favored because it creates a beautiful look to our body without giving such a pain. This way is called henna.

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