Friday, September 9, 2011

vanity fair

The modern family, "actress Sofia Vergara steams up the pages of Vanity Fair magazine later. Actress looks stunning in a very new graphic!

Here a section of the magazine Vanity Fair:

     The charm and beauty with the comic timing impeccable, Sofia Vergara is just as much international success story because it is a bomb sex on the international level. Vergara was discovered in the gold chain - G on the beach in her country of Colombia, the wow for Latin America and parts of the United States and a large presence on the Univision network.

     The creative forward-thinking of the sitcom family hit ABC in the modern sense of the writing part, especially because he and the actress, 39, of the claim, hilarious Latina Princess Gloria - Pritchett Delgado, who has gained Vergara NAACP in 2011 Award Image Award and Screen Actors Guild, not to mention the Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

     She lives in Los Angeles with her son 18 years, Manolo (named for a major character in Scarface), a recent graduate from the school of artillery in the state of Connecticut. Next, is scheduled to appear in Eve Vergara, Gary Marshall - ROM com new year and reboot the Farrelly brothers "of the Three Stooges.

     In her spare time, when not tweeting (@ SofiaVergara), is raking in as an employer of some kind, after striking deals with Diet Pepsi, CoverGirl, and Kmart.

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