Thursday, September 15, 2011

up all night

And we had Demi Lovato choked her with a remarkable and heart tugging "skyscraper," the story, and now it's got us to dance to the rhythm of her song on the new continuous "throughout the night." Stop playing with our emotions, Demi! Club jam is ready to cooperate with the singer Timbaland and Missy Elliott, and it is a step towards the successful development of the child as the former Disney-specific, and work with the mature pop voice.

Thanks to a tweet by Timbo, head over here to listen to Demi's song (while you are still).

"Do not make plans / Come home with me / We will stay awake all night long," Demi sings in the chorus. And shoots and ladders play, right?

Optimistic in the number of sassy, ​​and fun, hand-clapping crowd vibe with encouraging "Hey!" Nights throughout the pepper, although the contribution of Messi is short, it helps to make the path I feel so much more from the party. Is happy to see Demi's new CD totally made of materials very serious or emotional.

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