Thursday, September 15, 2011


Have the news coming in fast and furious on the scandal Solyndra, which is now looking like becoming one of the key issues in the election campaign in 2012. In addition to the revelation that the Obama administration pressed the OMB to approve the loan guarantees to Solyndra in order to maintain a Vice President Biden, image reference, more details emerge from the collapse of Solyndra, and it seems increasingly like this was one of the most government twisted boondoggles ever. Details of the very poor, and the mainstream media now is to give them extensive coverage. I'll give you the conclusion up front: When it was clear in February 2011 that Solyndra was about to go under and one was about to take a bath of Finance, the Obama administration has ensured the protection of friends and donors to Barack Obama while the United States and left to dry taxpayers.

For example, ABC News reported that officials of the Ministry of Energy, warned even before the approval of the loan (in 2009) that Solyndra will go bankrupt in September 2011, and forecast that turned out to be 100% accurate. Obama administration ignored the warning and pressed on the OMB to approve a loan for a company founded by one of the biggest bundlers Obama, George Kaiser, who visited the White House 16 times in the past two years on behalf of Solyndra. Following the hearings in Congress today, revealed that it was clear that Solyndra was about to go under and that someone was about to take a bath on the entire project. In order to delay the public relations disaster, the Energy Department to fund the bridge secured in the amount of 75M. In return for this funding, allowed the Ministry of Environment can not be subject to the interest of taxpayers for the benefit of private investors in the case of bankruptcy.

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