Friday, September 9, 2011

ra one chammak challo

Has caught Ra.One "s music is certainly the imagination of the entire nation. After all, and a groove on the dance Challo Chammak, Ra.One new movie song - Dildara - released today exclusively on the official YouTube channel for the film, has got the nation swaying to the rhythm of its already.

The enthusiasm among the fans in the highest level on record, especially after Shahrukh Khan had spoken about the song one day before, and how he feels that the song captures the true "essence of the film. 'Dildara' is your typical good looks, and a decrease in, and love is already smitten The song and the song by fans soft wool affected.
Inspired by the position of Ben E. King 's', data, and include Dildara this beautiful classical voice, and the rights that have already been filed by SRK.

In a video he had made to their fans, Shahrukh Khan said that how this is "the best song in the movie" and going by the response, his fans agree with him with all his heart.

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