Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Shaky start by a recovering defender. I got the Patriots to a shaky start on the defensive side of the ball, and walked straight down the field of dolphins for a touchdown. Gary Guyton, in particular, it seemed that the conflict in each of the pass rush and coverage. The group, however, is recovering. In fact, before playing "prevent" defense by far in the fourth quarter, and was the only other drop allowed on a very short distance, which started inside the red zone because of the objection Jared Odrick and back out of the headers to pass through.
    * Log to determine the night, Tom Brady Patriots offense. No, the Patriots were not perfect crime. However, Tom Brady was really heavy and the appointment of a personal career high with 517 yards. Was a record and the football team record Monday night as well. Brady also tied NFL record with 99 and 02/01 yard throw to Welker Louis to ice the victory for the Patriots. Brady was shot on all cylinders - he makes every throw, all over the field. Words really can not describe how his performance was good.
    * The constant pressure of the national front seven. Patriots worked almost entirely from four man fronts on Monday night. For the most part, the team succeeded in producing the peak. Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne did a great job of sticking in the pocket, and make the tough throws. If you do not, the Patriots may very well have come up with more bags of four who came up with.
    * Dominate Patriots tight end. If you think that the Patriots tight and heavy end of 2010, and be ready for more until 2011. The tight end Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski hegemony all over the field. Each of these players and the match-up nightmare for defenses just a victory. As shown, it is also a nightmare to cover in the red zone. These were as good as in 2010, they seem to have improved significantly in 2011.
    * For the first time a strong Dowling, Haynesworth, Waters, Solder. For the first time the Patriots a wave of new players this offseason, and aside from Chad Ochocinco, nearly all of them succeeded in the early strong. Head - I Dowling, and the selection upward round 2, started outside and shut down Brandon Marshall when given the opportunity. Albert Haynesworth had a couple of nice pressure and also provided some plays against the run. Brian stepped up in the water, and played more snaps than expected, and looking generally solid aside from a false start. Began to address the rising Nate Solder in place of Sebastian Vollmer in the face of the right, and was the first appearance of a strong anti-Cameron Wake. Regardless of playing a pair of quarter 2, Solder really shut down all night, Cameron Wake.
    They then took off * Dan Koppen. And center Dan Koppen Patriots then took off the field late in the second quarter with an ankle injury. Coben has a very reliable player for the Patriots on his life, and he had not missed a game since 2007. While Dan Connolly, intervened and played a good game really, and if Koppen out for an extended period of time, the Patriots need to find depth along the interior line.

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