Friday, September 9, 2011


The exchange of fire, and it's perhaps fitting that the Packers win the green saints came down to play the final. With no time remaining on the clock from the penalty spot after the defense in the end zone and the Packers the ball in the yard of one line, they stuffed RB Mark Ingram for any gain. The game is over.

Did several things not going in the right direction is clear, if the Saints managed to score 34 points. The Saints RB Sproles Darren for a huge game with 57-yard kickoff return that led to the fall, and 72 yard punt return last fall. Allowing the reception Saints cornerbacks overcome them when they do not help the safety of deep touchdown passes of 29 and 31 meters, respectively.

A memorandum of injury, it seems CB Tramon Williams left the game holding his right arm and it could be dangerous.

In the end, more than a good bad. Forced line of defense Packers, in the first place and NT Raji BJ DE Wayne Jarius, but also on the goal line before paying big DE Ryan Beckett at the end of the game, and the saints for the settlement of the objectives of the area, and helped them to stop trying to turn down 4 in the yard Packers line 6 (and to end The game plays well).

The special teams unit for one moment bright, and the 108 yard kickoff return for landing by WR Randall Cobb, but this was the night of the crime.

The QB Aaron Rodgers nearly perfect 27 of 35 go ​​to 312 meters and 3 assists TD. Completed passes to nine different reception, and targeted WR WR Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and 8 times each. Finished the game as receiver to the top two. After the first half of a large cup and TE Jermichael Finley on crime, and both players were quiet in the second half. Barely ran the ball in the first half, but strong and reflected in second behind RB Ryan Grant (mostly RB James Starks). Despite the fact that John FB was carrying only two, and went down one and the other for the first down. Perhaps the most important of the Basic Law of the zero shifts at night.

The offensive line was a great game too, as the Saints NT Shaun Rogers appeared to work, and NT Aubrayo Franklin looked as if he was wounded in the knee is still bothering him. Saints defensive line pushed around, and TJ LG Lang, C Scott Wells, and RT Sitton Josh did a great job all in the pursuit of the second level to take out the second defender or full back file. The final results gave the Saints 2 and 5 bags of hits QB, and Rodgers, but the protection was very good for most of the game and have had time to throw.

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