Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Missoni made from the target, the long-awaited collaboration between the legendary Italian fashion house and the nation second-largest/first-hippest big box store, for the first time on the Internet on Tuesday. People everywhere in the register to steal the clothes and accessories, bicycles and household appliances in the stylish and retro styles such as bold, causing the target to the scene several times throughout the day.

In a statement, said the retailer on the basis of Minnesota " is witnessing increased demand for the item than we do on Friday, the Black model, and the excitement of this group designed a limited time is unprecedented. We do so slowly on a Web site again to make sure that we can provide a positive shopping experience for our guests. "

Physical stores packed with shoppers all over the country to scoop Missoni offers as well. According to network CNN, the scarf of a label that usually run about $ 200, with a target price of the line between $ 3 and $ 600 (items are the most expensive piece of furniture) and a plot of the average runs about $ 40.

Do you cop some of Missoni for the goal? Planning for? What caught your eye?

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