Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The killing of listeriosis outbreak, a disease caused by pathogens of food-borne Listeria, at least four people and wounded across four states.

Three of the five deaths attributed to pollution in New Mexico, and the people in the state of Colorado, Texas and Nebraska, also fell ill in the outbreak, back to the consumption of cantaloupe. Has been contracted with the general listeriosis from meat and delicious hot dogs, and can result from the consumption of dairy products as well.

Listeria is not like many of the health risks to individuals, as is the case for older children and small, people with immune systems and pregnant women are particularly at risk, who are at risk of miscarriage or stillbirth from exposure to pathogens.

The deaths of two Listeria relevant this outbreak occurred in Colorado, and public health officials believe they have traced the outbreak to "melons from the famous Rocky Ford" to "potential criminal" behind the disease and mortality.

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