Saturday, September 17, 2011

funny toilet pictures 2011

We love technology and we depend on technology. There ar many amazing things that ar now available all thanks to science and technology breakthroughs, but from time to time an invention or two, or even a product that goes on the market, comes to our attention that we simply have to ask ourselves: who invented this and why?

Well if some things are useless at least they ar funny, the latest from the world of useless tech that grabbed my attention was iCarta iPod toilet paper holder, a paper bearer that has reinforced in iPod dock and speakers. What’s next, toilet paper app, what are we going to do with either of these? Another crazy app that makes no sense, besides being a cool decoration, is the Moonlight Cushion. This amazing gadget, pillow, has a reinforced in LED light source that changes colours like a rainbow. So don’t confuse it with a mushroom trip, it’s just your bad investment or lack of taste, the food was fine.

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