Saturday, September 17, 2011

evan rachel wood

In the upcoming political drama, "The Ides of March," Evan Rachel Wood plays a young intern (and his daughter in a chair DNC) working in the presidential campaign of Mike Morris. Like any girl with a pulse, she lines up in the scenes of her media adviser, played by the brilliant Ryan Gosling, and breathtaking, with chutzpah, and calls him out on a date.

Actress (24 years) - and the fulcrum of the plot stab George Clooney the last, in directing the critically acclaimed - and talks about her time on the set of the film (and lips with Gosling) during an interview with the wide-ranging with Marie Claire.

"Yes, it was awesome, and we had fun," she says of the kissing scenes with Gosling. "Ryan's amazing because in this way about this attractive incredibly, not only in an exciting way, but intelligent, said he was cool, he is talented, and it's really creative, and has the quality mysterious it is to drive people crazy, so yes, it was not a hard day at work. "

Especially in this economy.

Speaking in an interview with clicks and bits, Wood stated his admiration for her character - and not just to have a major degree.

"What I loved about them is that it is not very fair, in a world where there is a lot of people," said the Web site. "It's not, I do not believe it ... is still far from herself, she still see something you want and it's going after it, so I do not think there are a lot of deep feelings of real involved with the character Ryan in the situation which ends in They kind of forced to work together in a way I do not think either of them expected any time before. "

Once, and says she was dancing with Gosling on the set to another one of her crush: Justin Bieber. It's a fan.

I saw the film ['never say never'], and this is what I did, I ended up seeing three times, "she explains to Marie Claire about how her love to get started Bieb" - in theaters. One of those times in which to reduce the exit, I do not even kidding. I got obsessed with the child. It would be strange if I ever met him. Brought him a lot of joy in my life. "

Hey, maybe it was a bright detox she needed after her time with the Prince of Darkness, Marilyn Manson.

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