Friday, September 16, 2011

day of rage

Technical work associated with the political movement that says a lot about this movement.

Today the United States to feed the anger in the Twitter features a picture of the dollar bill tenth distortion. He said one of them black hair and a mustache Hitler to establish the father Alexander Hamilton, who oversees the Congress in 1999 as "the man who more than any other designed for the U.S. government."

Founders and the Nazis: This is what leftists who plan to occupy the Wall Street tomorrow, think of the American experience. It's not as if the organizers and the media savvy of the United States on anger do not understand the significance of the founders. The scene to call down the name Publius, alias Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay wrote the joint as the Federalist Papers.

Event organizers swear up and down to the protest will be peaceful and comprehensive in nature. This raises the question as to why they named them after the event "Day of Wrath" the original signed in Chicago in 1969. In that year, bustling, and the members of what was later became known as the Weather Underground has raised four days of riots and demonstrations against the regime.

September 17 protest comes after months of ACORN founder Wade Rathke wrote about the "jihad against the bank," and Stephen Lerner, SEIU operative and promised to "bring down the stock market" through a campaign of disruption. The sociologist said Abe Sher was bullish on the potential plan for Lerner cause widespread unrest. "Frances Fox Piven and Richard] Cloward taught us ... the poor people's movements are successful when they create the conditions of ungovernability. And win victories."

It's not clear exactly what will transpire in lower Manhattan, but do not believe the United States on anger organizers of the event when they say they will not turn violent. They claim they are "fighting a war for the soul of our nation and its people."

On Saturday the event, organizers vowed to make "protest horizontal network" by the occupation of public places in the Wall Street itself and throughout "the entire island of Manhattan."

Echoing the observation of radical William Kunstler 'infamous lawyer that the police could be "an army of occupation", and today the United States from the anger makes it clear that members of the New York Police Department is the enemy. "I have been to prevent citizens from exercising their right to peaceful assembly in New York City because of the force that was established to serve and protect civil society, and New York police, and became a paramilitary force to fight against Intel."

In Manhattan to protest the scope and will be accompanied by companion protests in Portland, OR, and Los Angeles and San Francisco, Seattle and Austin, Texas, and legal observers from the Bar Association's pro-communism and national will be available.

The union recommended to be useful among the demonstrators not to cooperate with members of the Intelligence Division of the New York police, or with any of the police officers. Participants should access "with contact information written legal on your wrist or ankle, and there is no guarantee that the information written on paper will be available in case of arrest."

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