Thursday, September 15, 2011

conjoined twins

The conjoined twins Joshua and Jacob, the floods, was born in Annex pelvis and lower spine, separated successfully through the process of a 13-hour Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis.

Was dubbed the process to separate conjoined twins in the procedure more complicated than ever done in the history of the hospital. It took 13 hours to separate the surgeons carefully Joshua and Jacob, without damaging the bottom of the spine and pelvis where it is connected. They have separate hearts, heads and limbs, though.

"This collaboration of doctors and specialists is the definitive guide to success from years of national recruitment of the best", and quoted by Le Bonheur president and CEO Mary Shield on the report.

"We have a team to successfully separated in the case of this complexity and that is not flawless major milestone in the field of health care for the city of Memphis and the region," said Shield.

Doctors said the twins and health problems that require ongoing treatment, but said it hopes both will be able to walk with braces when they grow up.

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