Thursday, September 15, 2011

Christina Appleg

Christina Applegate Is Arnett and roles in the sitcom that NBC new mirror their daily lives. And both the real-life parents had been "up all night" with their children, and was in similar cases see fans on the show.

OK! News: Christina Applegate to star in PILOT NBC AS A MOM?

In one scene from the new exhibition, up all night, and woe to curse in front of their child Christina - which they did by mistake in front of their children.

"I think that what we have done so all of a sudden your child goes, ***!' F "and then I was like, Awww, ***,' s" Christina explained to New York magazine.

"Yes, the eldest son of our roughly 3, now hear everything. It's like East Berlin who live in the seventies. So you have to be really, really careful, do," agreed. "I talked Christina on this subject, but there are things in the pilot, which is very accurate. Since the pilot, we find ourselves in situations where it's like" Wow, not only is this true, but we really in this pilot. This is very strange. "Like the debate over who remained more in the previous night. If your child is up, and that such a conversation about the real" I even all these hours. "

I did the same thing Christina in her home.

"What then even geekier about it is that both people stop and go," Oh my God, this is the case of the pilot. We are now going to do the pilot? "I remembered." 'Pilot's happening inside my house right. "

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