Friday, September 16, 2011

brad pitt

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 In a new interview with the show, Brad Pitt and briefly discusses the failure of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, with one in a special reference to lifting of eyebrows.

Saying that he tried to use the movies to fill a void in his personal house says: "It has become very clear to me that I was determined to try to find a movie about the life interesting, but I do not live an interesting life for myself."

"I think that my marriage was something to do with it," he says, noting that "he was trying to demonstrate the marriage was something that was not."

He adds that at the present time, "I'm satisfied with making choices and find the real woman I love, Angie, and build the family that loved her very much."

If you looked hard, get in line. Brad also in this line, and communication E! Reported by the representative to explain to him that does not mean it like that.

"It saddens me to explain this in this way," he says, "Hu gives incredible, loving, and hilarious woman who is still my friend."

"It's an important relationship and I appreciate the great value, and the point you were trying to make Jane was not boring, but that you become boring to myself."

"This, only I am responsible for."

House is one of the men in the most malignant, especially around the least, one can not see with a cheap shot like that, so we tend to believe it.

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