Friday, September 16, 2011

boise state football

 Toledo, Ohio - failed to Boise State game running again on Friday night, so the Broncos decided to go to a better option.

Not a bad call when Killeen and Moore behind center.

Moore threw 455 yards and five landing leads Broncos to win the fourth 40-15 to Toledo.

"If we had to put the ball in the hands of Killeen, and we do not have any problem with that," said Boise State coach Chris Peterson.

Moore misfired on his first two throws, but he did not miss many after that, connecting on 32 of 42 passes. He said the practice, was asked about the secret of his accuracy, a big star the answer is simple.

"It takes 10,000 hours to be an expert just heard in school," Moore said with a laugh.

Asked how much time to put in over the years, Moore replied: "I do not know I've got a couple of hours."

It seemed for some time as if Toledo (1-2) may give the state Boys panic after only six days for the Rockets came within a play or two from knocking off No. 17 Ohio State. But rocket can not stop Moore.

Seemed to be playing in the playground and fishing in some cases, and dissemination of short throws to nine different receivers all over the pitch.

"The way Killeen is spread all over the ball, you do not really know how he was cast several meters or who holds them all," said Petersen.

The Broncos (2-0) leading 13-6 when he got the ball with 1:22 left in the first half and marched right down the field for the main landing.

Moore connected on six consecutive passes to get down to the 1. He then lofted throw in the corner for the second Tyler Shoemaker three touchdowns and a small room to catch their breath.

Moore also threw a pass of 26 yards to the shoemaker to give the Broncos 7-6 lead with 6:56 left in the first quarter. In the next possession, dashed through the defense Doug Martin Toledo on the screen pass 71 yards to score.

The blunder Moore only at the end of the third quarter, when it was intercepted by Jermaine Robinson. He also missed a game earlier in the period after he tripped while landing during the throw. But he returned to Boise the next possession.

Petersen admitted there are times Broncos need to rely on their quarterback a little more than they want.

"It has done this for a long time," said Petersen. "We have been doing so since he was a student."

Moore was also impressive victory for the Broncos in '35 -21 opening against Georgia. Finished with the highest completion rate (82.6) in school history for a quarterback making more than 30 attempts in a game.

Came Boise State in Toledo in the hope of getting their own game running on the track after rushing for 129 yards against the Bulldogs only. But the Broncos had only 26 yards on the ground in the first half. Martin finished the hasty leading with 70 yards on 19 carries.

"It's a work in progress," said Petersen.

Toledo kept it close early, but had a couple of costly mistakes. Make sure to drop a pass rockets landing in the first half and fumbled inside the Broncos 10 "in the third quarter.

The first time the Rockets lost to Top 25 team at home in five games. Broncos, though, was the highest ranked team to play in a glass container.

Moore has impressed the Rockets.

"I did not like what he did to our defense, but if he was playing for someone else and I would like to say that I admire Moore, Killeen," said Toledo running back Adonis Thomas.

Boise State got back one of three players suspended two weeks ago by the National Association of Sports for undisclosed reasons - from the safety of Cedric Febis. No one knows that it will be available until two days ago only.

Febis, who did not start, and finished with four deals and helped force fumble.

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