Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Miss Angola Lopez Leila Miss Universe 2011, beating 88 other Miss Universe contestants in the presentation of luxury in the Credicard Hall in São Paulo.

To beat Lopez, 25, a business student by day, and Miss Ukraine Olesia Stefanko to second place, and the judges praised her beauty and intelligence.

I spoke in Portuguese to Brazilian charm of the public (both from Brazil, Angola and the former Portuguese colonies), and detect the condition and Miss Angola has allowed her to help various social issues in her country:

    "I work with poor children, and I work in the fight against HIV. I work for the protection of the elderly and I have to do everything that my country needs," she said. "I think now as Miss Universe, I will be able to do much more than that."

Lopez also claimed to be modest "woman has a beauty of an internal," before that strutted on stage in a bikini bright yellow and gown.Her evening beauty of coral, she said, all the way to get lots of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and using the mass of the sun - - even when it's not sunny.

It also was careful to point out that the natural beauty is completely free of tweaking surgical:

    "Thank God I am very satisfied with the way God created me and I will not change anything. I gained a lot of principles wonderful family and I intend to pursue this for the rest of my life."

Lopez scored the fans only a 3.6 for her swimsuit and 7.2 for the evening dress and figure hugging gold and silver sequins and feathers, but the panel of nine judges obviously felt differently. Lopez received the crown of Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete Mexico, last year's winner.

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