Friday, July 22, 2011


Charlie Jane Anders made twenty shots of Prometheus Ridley Scott helmets off our space! Ridley Scott returns to science fiction after a quarter century, and we have just seen the first glimpse of his new film Prometheus. The good news is, it's intense, sweaty, scary and beautiful - and intended to scare off your clothes.
Before the spoilers ...
Here in Hall H - the fact that the comic, and we saw a special featurette for the film Ridley Scott's new alien. And the featurette starts with a mix of the past, Ridley Scott film, and then the title card, "Ridley Scott returns to this kind of HE-developed, with the sci-fi ORIGINAL EPIC Prometheus." At first, you see Ridley stands in the studio, then in a large open space with a strange ribs on the walls, and Scott says: "So here we are, and I am again." He explains that it's James Bond studio (pine forest), and can be allocated seven jumbo jets in half here.
Then footage of the actual film starts, and has a huge flood of images that recall creeptastic exotic, but also a little bit of 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are men in suits pressure chamber to explore the ancient hieroglyphics with a stranger, and a man in a space suit walking through the sliding door in a white room clean. And men (who may be Michael Fassbender) gel pulls a strange looking thing out of the box. As the voiceover Ridley Scott, things that may seem small in the film will turn out to be important, and there is a snapshot of a drop of blood on the fingers. Charlize Theron is on the table with bandages wrapped around her breasts, as if waking up from it hypersleep.
And then get the footage faster and more furious, with the men in the guard looking down at something, a woman in a suit walking in the entrance of the red, and the world A, and then says Scott, "The cast found the institution which is not what he expected it to be, it's civilization, but what we find in this is a very civilized behavior. " Then there is the massacre of the insane and helmets gunk inside the space and shoot the person flame thrower, and breaking loose chaos in confined spaces. At the same time, Scott is the voice saying that there will be biomechanoids and the film would "open up new horizons." We see the giant planet with pale rings around him.
And then we see Charlize Theron naked to do pushups. Scott says in the video, said "there is the DNA of the alien origin, [but] as far as this goes, something completely different. It's all about everything." Now, people in the footage of weeping and screaming and freaking out and the video signal is stopped, such as palpitations. Scott concludes, "and, of course, what I want to do is scare the living shit of you."
He spoke to Damon Lindelof, who was a moderate a panel, on an invitation from the Ridley Scott and asked him to work on this film, and the long process of two of them sitting on the table from each other resellers of this film. At first, "$ 64,000 question" whether this prequel exotic, but in the end they moved past it.
Theron came from the stage, and talked about how the text seems really raw when he comes in first place on the plane, and worked with Scott and Lindelof to improve it. Meredith Vickers Theron plays in the film, described her character:

It's very different from anything you've done. It's a lawsuit, essentially. It's kind of device that runs the machine, to take this mission into space. At first, she comes across like the suit, very cold and very cold, it seems that it's all about the economy for her - she did not actually come from one side or the other, it's not a scientist or a believer. Runs a tight ship. But I can tell you it will be a problem. Then later ... We had all kind of classes and gave her [hidden depths. Think you know of is [but a mystery. Ridley that do this interesting thing, as it will be my position in the corners and lurk all the time, and it ended being a mysterious indeed. In the third quarter, you really kind of stripped of its skin and bones to see what is almost, and it is doing what in fact there.
And then we had corrected in the Ridley Scott and star Rapace Noomi via live video - Scott in Iceland, near the waterfall, where he was just doing the final bit of filming of the sequence at the beginning of the film.
Scott explained why stayed away from science fiction for 25 years:

I was actually too busy doing other films, and explore the other types, so I honestly did not think that science fiction never even realized there was something in the first film that the alien did not ask anyone ever asked about ... I thought that it can be the center of what we were just. He said that this DNA is only loosely applied to the original Alien. We went in different directions, but in the final minutes of this film you'll see what I'm talking about.
He suggested that Scott "There may be two of the robots in the Prometheus," and not just a robot who is rumored to be in the film. He added: "I think the robots and androids Replicants and became part of many science-fiction scenario of the actual landscapes, and they are no longer unique [sic] you've got to come out with such unique concepts that make everything fresh."

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