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Panama City and Yokohama, Japan, 20 July 2011/PRNewswire / for the first time ever, Latin Americahave buy a car of the year the possibility of Infiniti performance luxury car purchase. Gruppe FASA announced today that it will sell cars and crossovers from Infiniti's new Panama City Centre, stylish and Infiniti will be a focus on customer service and exclusive personal customer relationships.
In the Declaration on the arrival of the Infiniti brand, said Toru Saito, vice president of Infinity: "We have a different definition of luxury performance." Infiniti offers a unique combination of Japanese hospitality and fun with bold designs and pioneering innovation for performance and security. In addition, our customers in the Panama experience exceptional personal service for sales and service level Grupo FASA difference. Our customers are VIP to us, and we would like to develop personal, long-term relationships with each of them. "In the Infiniti, and we do things differently, and we represent a bold challenge to our competitors here in Latin America."

Panama is the first country in Latin America to a variety of Infiniti luxury car inspired high-performance, including the Infiniti G - line, Infiniti M performance sedan, EX Infiniti FX crossover and Oanveneti QX SUV full-size will be provided.

Said Evan Espino, General Manager of Infiniti of Panama: "This is a fantastic opportunity for Grupo FASA and the growth of the volume of sales made luxury car in this country - last year by 15.8% to reach to 1670 cars." We are delighted that the competition in the luxury car market Panamanian aggressive and passionate with a variety of Infiniti, and we are committed to one of the luxury brands in the country. "The vehicles offered by Infiniti and we offer a unique service in a vehicle buyers in the Panamasearched".

Infiniti, and provides a range of luxury sedans with high performance, coupes, SUVs and transformations with the exhilarating performance, emotional design and advanced technology, continues to start in all over the world. It includes a network of Infiniti Centres, which are used to share an exceptional commitment to hospitality during the full period of the property. Infiniti elected for the first time introduced in 1989 in the United States, with his name, to communicate that the performance of the Infiniti more infinite, and design, and superior customer service has experience with clients. "World firsts" include the monitoring of the Infiniti (AVM), and the interference angle is dead ™ system and high-performance hybrid car across the ® view.

Infiniti and 145 675 units, 2009 and represents an increase of 30.8% compared with last year's sales on a global level. Infiniti has made ETHEREA 2011, a luxury concept car aimed at younger buyers so far in the year; announced marketing agreement with the formula, the world champion Red Bull Racing, who currently leads the drivers' championship team and a large margin. Announced the new three row luxury crossover, the Infiniti JX that spring 2012 is for sale and announced the entrances to the market of Mexico, Chile, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

About Grupo FASA

    * Grupo FASA was established in 1934, leading a consortium in the car market of Panama. The motivation behind this professional staff with high moral values, financially strong company with more than 800.
    * Quoted Grupo FASA and sold shares on the Stock Exchange of Panama.
    * Grupo FASA form Panamotor (April), Bayerische Motoren (BMW), and minibars. Since 1963 in North America represented Hertz franchise and operates six centers for rent in Panama with a fleet of more than 500 cars.
    * Infiniti Centre in Panama City Calle 61 y 50 Este, and stand-alone facility is 2040 square meters, including the facilities service center.

About Infiniti

Infiniti offers a full line of luxury performance cars, including the G Coupe, Sedan and Infiniti M, and the transfer of the intersection EX FX and the QX full-size SUV. More information about Infiniti and experience of the full ownership of ®, see or visit us at / Infiniti, / Infiniti or / infinitinews.

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