Thursday, July 21, 2011

mac mini

PRLog (Press Release) - Mar 09, 2009 - Apple's products have always been known for their expensive pricetag. However, a few years ago Apple introduced a product that didn't require a second mortgage to buy, the Apple Mac Mini. The mini was and still is revolutionary in its design. The latest generation of mini offers a lot of bang for the buck.

It has a sleak curvy shell. It is roughly 6 "x6" x2 ". It contains a Core 2 Duo Intel processor. It come with a minimum of 1 gb of ram and an 80 gb hard drive. It has built-in wifi, bluetooth, and a speaker. It's also has USB, Firewire, speaker, and mic ports. Finally, it comes with the latest incarnation of Apple's Unix-based OS X.
OS X is a great OS and the main reason I bought a mini. I was interested in what OS X was like and I wanted to develop applications for it. I bought my mini straight from Apple, and even though it was pretty cheap, I could have found a better deal, like these:

That is a small sample but it's easy to see why the Mac Mini is a good deal. It's a power computer with a powerful OS for a very good price. You just have to bring the keyboard, mouse, and display.

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