Monday, July 25, 2011

modern warfare 2

Modern warfare 2

We have the so-called leaked video shows modern warfare is characterized by 2 Map Pack next week, but has no idea of ​​when players will get new cards. Activision finally comes clean, but he also announced that gets DLC PC will be affected in the first place on March 30, with the unit at some point after that. Oh, and yes, it is the stimulus package, just like the rumor, and identify the name and appropriate name, is in reality.

March 30 is almost a month after the battle started bad company 2, and you can imagine that many of the players of modern warfare 2 to BC2 abandoned after it starts. But the map packs 10 cards can be new enough to attract the players again. Have free DLC MW2 2 's stimulus package. Activision officially no new signs are known, but here's the list that have been around the net "in recent weeks.

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