Sunday, July 24, 2011

amir khan

The Amir Khan this morning belt IBF £ 140 for the WBA version of his world title with the dominance of unilateral American Zab Judah, and stop the world champion, multiple in the fifth round with the right to get the right head and the follow-up to the diaphragm on the belt line center in 2:47 of that round. Judah went down as if it was a low blow - and never got up. It was Judas, who seemed old and slow and overly defensive, never in the fighting. Drakulich counting rule you out of Judah to his ear. Khan won the previous four rounds behind a mattress. Khan landed 61 of 284 punches; Judah, at least 20 of 115 punches thrown. A lot of discouraged young people, too, in a clear and very fast. There are times when it seems Khan is still in a weak position, and coups combinations him, but he did not commit any error here. And certainly not to blame for the low blow. Seemed to be on the margins, and no doubt will be discussed, from one side and the other.

The attendance at the Mandalay Bay, 7209. However, assessments will have been good this TV in the United States Khan. He looked composed, and used his speed double-edged sword, and looked every bit the high-level fighter that is being developed is described by his trainer Freddie Roach, and processors of his visit to the United States, and Golden Boy Promotions. Ready for Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Not for a year. At least.

On Twitter in Las Vegas, and Khan, boxing, and moving all Judah in the top 10.

Judas after he claimed in a press conference that it was a low blow - backed by his promoter Kathy Duva. "I think it was a clean shot from directly above the belt. It was a shot we were working on during the camp. Punch in the body." Khan said. "He was one of the fastest fighters have faced. Has a lot left in the tank. I think he will come back and win the world title."

Khan is likely to fight again in November / December this year. At the present time, talk is that it can be Erik Morales.

Judas betrayed V: Round by Round:

Round 1

The patient starts from Khan, land linking the left. Judah ducking too low. The territory of Judah, left punch, Khan seems to be open to that. Judas complains clash heads, but caused him to evade very low.

10-9 Khan

Round 2

Judah is going well, making it miss Khan, Khan's punch and caught by the left again. A good straight right from Khan. Kept missing with the left. Combination of the Khan, and land the right hook. Khan wrestling well, almost bullying, close-up. Khan has seen the best jab in while in the first two stanzas.

10-9 Khan

Round 3

Judah comes alive. Pernell Whitaker has lectured to him between rounds. Khan caught the right link. Khan, linking the territory of his country, and shot and then the body. Good between the left and right-left combination to the territory of Khan. Judah seems remarkable about the left eye, and it seems about a bloody lip. Judah offers to move from the left of lightning, but make mistakes. Khan, more active, aggressive, and offensive. His best pitch is clearly the speed factor. Judah seemed exhausted.

10-9 Khan

Round 4

The right hand of the legs buckles Judas betrayed at the beginning of the tour. Khan is now out jabbing his opponent, and not allow him to settle. Khan, plants his feet and flying in the land link with the right of Judah on the ropes. Khan and running on the left to link the bell.

10-9 Khan

Round 5

Judas betrayed vaccines outside again, and goes on the attack, which are interrelated. Judah comes out of him complaining of his left eye. Given the opportunity to recover ... The left and right of the Khan, who is now left to go, to the attack, and fishing on the way to the International Boxing Federation belt. Judah to the left of the Khan. Khan lands right in the head, and they tie up and land an punch to the Khan belt pants from Judah. Judah goes down like a low blow. Start counting 10 ... He did not get up. The battle ended at 2:47 of the fifth round. Judas protests.

Khan wins by TKO and become the International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Association welterweight champion light.

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