Thursday, August 4, 2011

marg helgenberger

During a panel CSI in TCA, CBS wanted to offer the newest addition to critics. Ted Danson has been added to the season series '12TH.

As announced during the panel is the departure of another member casting a long time.

Said Marg Helgenberger 12 team this season will be her last.

She admits that she was originally scheduled to leave CSI after this season, but they admitted it was difficult to give up her personality. But insists that this next season will be her last.

Helgenberger was with the drama of the crime since the beginning and Catherine Willows.

CSI, of course, is no stranger to leave Home. EP series' hopes to exceed the law and order and a longer written drama on television. So there is no end in sight, according to them.

CSI, and return to CBS CTV in the fall of this year's season 12TH.

What do you think all this news? Do you think she will leave? And you will see when Catherine Willows and exits?

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