Monday, August 1, 2011

helen mirren

It's the result is unlikely, however, it was revealed today that it was the legendary actress Dame Helen Mirren voted the Commission this year, beating stars such as Pippa Middleton Award.
Representative received 66, "Girls Calendar '17.65% of the vote in the elections, and put her ahead of Britain and Ireland Top Model judge Elle Macpherson by 10%, and model Kelly Brook, who finished third in the former X factor judge Cheryl Cole in the fourth and the U.S. Idol star Jennifer Lopez, who came in fifth place.
Made a royal bridesmaid Pippa Middleton to eighth place, but there was no place for her sister Kate.
Researchers surveyed 2,000 people for the study, which was commissioned by the gym chain LA Fitness.
The director of marketing, Tony Orme, "Helen Mirren won best body in our survey illustrates how, when it comes to maintenance of the body, and well-being, life is really nothing but a number.
"It's great to see the celebration of public bodies of all shapes and sizes, and prove that you really can look fabulous over 40 and 50.
"Campaign, Los Angeles Fitness" Fitness Summer is all about supporting people to get the body they wish to be happy in their own skin, and the results prove it's never too late to start getting in shape. "
In the male version of the same poll, David Beckham topped the results with X factor judge Simon Cowell trailing behind in tenth place.
Do you agree with the results? Helen is hotter than Cheryl, J - if Kelly Brook? Leave your comments below.

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