Friday, September 9, 2011

freedom tower

I'm talking about celebrations of the tenth anniversary of 9 / 11, and everything that goes with them: the official reading of the names of the dead, and the tolling of bells, honoring the first responders, and the collection of presidents, and the dedication of the new monument, moments of silence. Works.

Let's not everything can. Closure of Ground Zero. Lock tourists. The document, "Reflecting Absence" memorial, built in the "footprints" of the towers in the past with a grove of trees, giant pools, waterfalls and several before it is disclosed in this Sunday. Stop work at the National Museum under the ground September 11, scheduled to open in 2012. Demolition of the Freedom Tower (redubbed 1 World Trade Center after the wars of "freedom" went awry), 102 stories, "the most expensive skyscraper built ever in the United States." (Estimated price: $ 3.3 billion), eliminating those that are still being built, full of vanity and 1776 feet from the building, at the height of the planned George W. Bush and soaring into the sky like a Manhattan Call nyaah - nyaah for terrorists in the future. Dismantle the other three office towers that were built there as part of a program sponsored by the government $ 11 billion in construction. Let's get rid of everything. If we want a memorial to the 11 / 9, it would be more appropriate to leave one of the broken pieces of the giant tower untouched there.

Ask yourself: Ten years in the era of post-9/11, have not we had enough of ourselves? If we have any respect for history or humanity or decency left, is not it time to tear a Band-Aid off the wound, to remove the 9.11 from our collective consciousness? Nothing more than pray to explain these attacks can only be interpreted in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are oh-so-war on global terrorism. No more than a prayer to keep the 09/11 and the Ministry of Defense and national security of the country were flooded with money. Nothing more than pray 11 / 9 to justify every infringement of freedom in each new step in the control of the Americans, it is all made in the stick down and down and down the bar that high and keep the fear of internal state security and standing on his feet.

The attacks of September 11, 2001 in all the acts that sense, abusive horrible. The saddest thing is that the victims of these mutants suicide misused here since then, under the guise of pious memory. This has become the country depends on the deaths of 11 / 9 - who do not have the means to defend themselves against the way that was used - as an explanation for all purposes for our own good and the horrors that we visited on others, many of the towers value of the dead in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the blood, which in our hands.

Is not it finally time to go cold turkey? To let go of the dead? Why do we repeat the mantra 11/09 as if it were some sort of old-time religion, and when proven to us that we, as a people, can not deal with it - and worse, we do not deserve it?

We'd better off filing our memory of the events of 11 / 9 to oblivion, to forget everything but if we could. We can not, of course. But we can stop the memories of the anniversary. Can stop the protest 11/09 in everything you can imagine many years later. We can stop all use to make ourselves feel like a better country than we are. We can, in short, leaving the dead in peace and take good, hard look at ourselves, and neighborhoods, in the nearest mirror.

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